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Pokon - Coconut Husk Chips - 50L

by Hadeco
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Pokon Coconut Husk Chips

Pokon Coconut Husk Chips is a decorative and sustainable mulch made of coarse coconut chips. The chips are made from the soft husks of coconuts. This 100% natural mulch is highly suitable for use as decoration in borders. Rainwater quickly filter through the coconut and into the soil, which prevents puddles forming. In addition, it is TUV (Technical Inspection Association) certified as a soil covering for playgrounds. In this way you can ensure that anyone falling onto it will have a soft landing and you can walk across the chips in your bare feet.

Instructions for use:

First remove any weeds that may be present, and then spread the Coconut Husk Chips evenly over the soil to a depth of approximately 3-4cm. The layer will become thinner over time. The existing layer can then be reinforced by adding a new layer of coconut chips. A bag of this product is enough for approx. 2m2. If used under play equipment, we advise a later of at least 15cm. in thickness in order to ensure good impact protection.
Available in 50L bags