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Summer flower bulbs: tips to double your yield this spring

Growing a garden and having success with flower bulbs is as simple as following the growing instructions. Hadeco’s flower bulbs come fully loaded, like little suitcases bursting with life, ready to erupt into colour when they hit the soil. A few basic care tips can take your summer flower bulbs from flowering well to flowering profusely and with extended joy. Much of the beauty you enjoy from your summer bulbs is the result of the foundations you have set in place for them in winter or early spring. These extra tips are for the over-achievers - those of you who would love to see more flowers and extra vivid shades, for a longer period of time.  

Gladioli - summer flower bulbs that pierce the sky with colour

summer flower bulbs Gladioli are known as the sword lily for their name, which is translated from the Latin word Gladius, which means sword. Their colourful spikes add height and glorious colour to garden beds. You can maximise these summer bulbs’ flowering period with a few simple and basic tricks.

Do this in winter -

Glads can be removed from the soil in winter if you live in a frosty area. Otherwise, you may leave the corms in the soil.  Mulch well to protect against light frost.

Do this now -

Feed your Glads in the springtime for prolific flowering in summer. When feeding your Glads, avoid fertilisers with high nitrogen levels. A balanced 8-8-8 plant food will help them to blossom vibrantly. To maximise your blooms, give your Glads lots of sun, they are summer bulbs, after all. Let them bask in glorious warmth - they need it! Order your Gladioli bulbs now 

Dahlias for days (or months) - fabulous flower bulbs

summer flower bulbs Dahlias are one of the brightest repeat bloomers of all the summer flower bulbs. They’re a great flower for beginner gardeners to start with because they’re easy to grow and richly rewarding. You can extend their gift-giving flower period with a few easy tips!

Do this in winter -

While it’s not exactly winter time, deadheading them as autumn approaches will extend their flowering period. Deadheading will also encourage these summer flower bulbs to make more flowers because the plant “realises” it hasn’t gone to seed. Deadhead the flowers as they start to fade. You can cut the stems when the flowers are still beautiful, this will liven up your home with a colourful bouquet. Deadheading also encourages the plant to invest its energy in growing a fat and healthy bulb filled with nutrients for a better growing season next spring.  

Do this now -

Don’t order your Dahlia bulbs before September. Dahlia bulbs that are available for order before September have usually been imported from the northern hemisphere and have been standing in cold storage. This means you won’t enjoy the full effect, the plants will be weak and flowers dismal. Hadeco’s bulbs are ready for ordering, now. Order your Dahlias now 

Amaryllis Amore - double the flowers with half the work

summer flower bulbs Amaryllis plants are the highlight of the festive season and the summer bulbs range. They boast massive flowers in overstated bold colours. Get more flowers this summer by working smarter, not harder.

Do this in winter -

Amaryllis in South Africa can be left in the ground except in the very coldest regions. Prepare now for next summer - in their natural environment, these summer flower bulbs can remain active for up to 6 months after flowering. It is during this time that the embryo flowers form, they will burst to life when the seasons warm up. As the temperatures cool after the active season, reduce watering and allow the bulbs to rest in preparation for the following spring.

Do this now -

Amaryllis need lots of sunlight. If they don’t get enough light, like succulents, they will become elongated and pale - etiolation is the proper term for this. Give them fertiliser every season. If you skip a season, you’ll have fewer flowers the following season.   Order your Amaryllis now 

Hadeco’s summer flower bulbs

Our winter and our summer bulbs are packed with all the nutrients they need to grow into strong plants, that pop with colourful flowers. There’s no need for special treatment or extensive research. Follow the care instructions to enjoy a marvellous spring flowering season. Get a head start on the season while you still can and order your summer bulbs now  summer flower bulbs
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