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Ammocharis coranica - Karoo Lily - 2 bulbs p/pack

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The flower of the Ammocharis coranica, commonly known as Karoo lily, is an umbel of vividly pink to crimson, powerfully fragrant blossoms borne in mid-summer. It is worth growing for its scent alone, yet its gorgeous flowers are equally captivating.

Family: Amaryllidaceae
Sun exposure: Full sun 
Flowering time: November - January
Active growth: February - April 
Dormant: May – October
Type: True bulb
Mature height: 30cm
Planting depth: Plant with the neck at ground level
Plant spacing: 10cm apart
Watering: Every 3-4 days when planted in the ground for 10 minutes

Position and soil
These originate in summer rainfall areas. They do adore a well-drained, sandy soil in a full sun position. They resent being moved and do not flower in the first year after transplanting. 

Further Care
The summer growing-species should be kept dry in winter. This is a summer-growing bulb and when in growth it can take normal watering, but it needs a long, dry rest in the winter. Do not lift them. Protect these plants against lily borer.

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