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Cyrtanthus breviflorus - Evergreen - 5 bulbs p-pack

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March - May

What is a pre-order?

Pre-orders allow you to purchase your bulbs before they are available for delivery. We send out all our bulbs at their correct planting time.

Introduce the understated charm of Cyrtanthus breviflorus to your garden and savour the enduring beauty of this indigenous plant year after year.

Family name: Amaryllidaceae
Name derived from: Greek kyrtos meaning curved and anthos meaning flower
Common name: Scarborough lily, fire lily, Ifafa lily, George lily, Knysna lily
Sun Exposure: Semi-shade
Planting time: All year
Flowering time: Mostly spring, but also at any other time
Active growth time: Mostly evergreen. 
Dormancy time: Evergreen.
Lifting time: No need to lift
Type (true bulb, rhizome, corm, etc): True bulb
Mature height: 30-40cm
Planting depth: Plant with the neck exposed
Planting spacing: 5cm. 
Lowest temperature: Frost tender. 0°C. 
Watering frequency: Weekly in spring and summer. Water every 2 weeks in autumn and winter.
Position and soil: Plant in pots or in a rockery situation. Plant in well-draining, sandy soil. You can incorporate compost.
Further Care: All make great pot plants and enjoy being crowded in pots.