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Swiss Chard - Agila

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Swiss Chard Variety: Agila

With its ornamental leaves and stems, it looks just as good in containers and borders as in the organic vegetable garden. They are heavy feeders so they like a rich soil. They are very healthy to eat, as a wonder antioxidant and provider of Vitamin K. The leaves make a lovely addition to stir fries and soups. The very young, tender leaves are great in salads. For balcony gardens, grow in a pot 35-40cm in depth & diameter, or larger.

Growing Tips:

Sow seeds in a well prepared bed with added organic compost. As the seedlings begin to grow, if you have sown seed densely, thin out the plants so that they're 25-30cm apart. Water well after thinning. Keep an eye out for pests, although this  is an east vegetable to grow & look after.
Sow the seeds every few weeks for a continuous crop that; see you though the year, with just a little protection.

Edible parts of the plant:

Stems, leaves