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Summer bulb pre-orders are shipped from August to November

Create a fairy garden in 5 simple steps

As Roald Dahl so aptly put, “those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.” If you want to stir the imagination of your little ones, why not use this extra time at home to help them make a fairy garden? You can create a miniature world in your backyard or in a planter inside your home. All it takes is a little gardening faith, Hadeco trust, and pixie dust. (Create your fairy garden with our range of gardening materials.)

fairy garden

How to make your own fairy garden:

1. Pick a theme

We know the concept of a fairy garden is exciting, and you probably can't wait to get busy with yours. But before scrambling about for supplies, pause for a moment and think about themes for your fairy garden. Ask yourself, how do I want my little garden to look? Will it be a treehouse? A cottage? A castle? There are so many directions you can take your fairy garden in, with themes ranging from woodland paradise to uptown city. Settling on a specific theme can help guide you through the design and decorating process, so don’t skip this important step. Remember to be imaginative!

2. Choose a container

Next, decide on your container and fairy garden location. If you’d like to plant your fairy garden indoors, consider repurposing an old bucket or investing in a colourful planter. We have terracotta pots available that would be just perfect. If you opt for an outdoor fairy garden, you can get really creative with locations, and consider places like tree stumps, the side of tree trunks, and wheelbarrows. It’s up to you, so choose wisely. (You can even pick a couple of locations and have fairy neighbours!) If you plan to plant little bonsai trees and shrubs, just make sure the container you choose is at least 15cm deep so the various root systems can grow properly.

fairy garden

3. Add soil and pebbles

What’s next on the agenda? Filling the container with nutrient-rich soil and organic matter, of course! We recommend you add a layer of gravel and charcoal to the base of the container for drainage purposes, and then fill it up with Pokon Potting Soil and compost. (Learn how to make a compost heap.) At this point, you can put on that creative hat – it’s time to get designing. Place pebbles and decorative stones in your fairy garden, and lay down the little pathways that will go to each fairy home entrance.

4. Plant herbs, succulents and bonsai trees

Whatever you envisioned growing in your little fairy garden, now's the time to plant it! Get creative with herbs, succulents and small bonsai trees. This part can be a lot of fun, as you will start seeing your fairy garden take shape – coming to life in pockets of greenery and vibrant colours! Just be sure to space your plants carefully, as you don’t want them to crowd each other and compete for light and nutrients. (You also don’t want to overdo it with the foliage either, and have no space for your fairy accessories!)

5. Decorate to your heart’s content

Now for a little fairy magic! Go wild with your miniature decorations and figurines, creating the little fairy village or town that you dreamed up in step one. Want some additional inspiration? Add in a few colourful toadstools, benches, birdbaths, watering cans, lanterns, and houses made of painted rocks and clay. 

fairy garden

Add a little sparkle to your home 

Creating a fairy garden with the kids can be a fun and interactive way to spend time together. Keen to get to work? Use these steps as a guide and our online store for supplies, and you’re well on your way!

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