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No space, no problem: 5 gardening tips for small spaces 

No space, no problem: 5 gardening tips for small spaces 

The love of plants shouldn’t be dictated by the amount of space you live in. Small spaces can make a big impression because every plant and flower counts! 

Here, we share with you 5 tips to bring the delights of a garden into small living spaces! 

Containers, containers, containers

Plant in terracotta containers, but think outside the terracotta, though! Many plants that do well in open soil, can be just as fruitful in containers. Plant flowers, herbs, vegetables and bulbs in terracotta pots and position them where they will receive enough light. The number of pots you use will depend on the amount of space you have. Use your space consciously by selecting only your favourite flower seeds and bulbs and most consumed herbs and veggies. 

Pots can be placed almost anywhere, from small lawns, to terraces, the front door entrance, balconies and stoeps. Wherever there is space outside, pop a pot. 

Do you love the idea of growing your own food? Don’t let not having farmland stop you. Sow your vegetable and herb seeds in pots. When it comes to the aesthetics of your containers, the same colour pots all around can look very appealing. Can’t pick one colour? Then use two or three or more! A tasteful variety of colours make an equally beautiful display! 

When it comes to pot size, one definitely does not fit all. Make sure whatever you plant has sufficient space to flourish and thoughtfully group different sized pots together, to bring style to your small garden. It draws in the eye and creates a harmonious rhythm of plants that come in different colours, sizes and shapes. 

Make your small garden your work of art through the use of our premium terracotta pots

Hang your plants

Keep your feet on the ground and your plants in the air. Look up and you could just find an opportunity to create a whimsical display of plants - displayed from nails, hooks and railings!

Ditch the soil and pots altogether and opt for a more simplistic plant arrangement. Air plants are just the choice for this and are a growing plant trend. 

They work inside and out - just provide them with sufficient moisture and light and they will hang there happily! Hanging many of them in succession will create the most appealing display. 

Shop air plants and hangers here.

Vertical design

A vertical garden can provide privacy whereas an indoor vertical plant display can also double up as a feature wall or room divider. The possibilities are plenty when it comes to a vertical layout. It can range from using plant ladders to display your pot plants to stacking crates on top of each other. Another option is to make use of a frame or piece of lattice and show off your plants on it. Instead of using fewer large pots, opt for multiple small pots. Should you opt for a lattice backdrop, you can use cable ties in the grooves that are at the mouth of the pot and affix it to the lattice. If you have a bookshelf it can also work dually as a floor-to-ceiling plant shelf. 

Shop small containers and create a vertical plant display that gives you more space to show off your greenery. 

Bring the outside in with cut flowers and greenery

There are a myriad of ways to bring the outside in! A growing trend is bespoke bouquet deliveries and pick your own flower events. Perfect, if you don’t have the space or time to grow your own cut flower garden! Alternatively, you can use your grocery shopping trip to stock up on some seasonal blooms. Fill your home with fresh flowers and cut leaves for a plush touch of greenery in your home. 

Shop glassware to hold your pretty blooms and plant cuttings.

Hadeco indoor plants

When in doubt, shop it out! Look no further than Hadeco’s convenient indoor plant offerings and fill your home with perky plants. There’s something suited for every room. The plants have been potted in stunning ceramics and plastic lined basket containers, for varying tastes.

The larger indoor plants work great on living room or bedroom floors, whereas the medium to small options can be displayed on kitchen countertops, coffee tables and dressers. The perfect green touch for homes without gardens. 

Shop here and up the lush factor in your home. 

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