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Boophone disticha - Cape Poison Bulb - 2 bulbs p/pack

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Boophone disticha, commonly known as Cape poison bulb, is found both in summer and winter rainfall regions. It offers a very striking flower, but is also very toxic. Bushmen would use the poison from the bulb on the tips of arrows and on the opposite spectrum parts of it was also used for its healing properties. It is extremely toxic and must be kept away from children and pets.

Family: Amaryllidaceae
Sun exposure: Full sun 
Flowering time: October - March
Active growth: September - October
Dormant: April - August 
Type: True bulb
Mature height: 40-50cm
Planting depth: Plant with shoulder above soil
Plant spacing: 30cm apart

Position and soil
They adore a sandy soil, with organic matter, in a full sun position. They can also be planted in pots with adequate drainage. 

Further Care
During growth, they can be watered sparingly. Protect these plants against lily borer.