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Daubenya - Yellow - 6 bulbs p-pack

by Hadeco
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Daubenya, also known as jewel of the desert, is an indigenous true bulb that is also well-suited to planting in a container.
Daubenya – Jewel of the Desert
Keep continually moist at root level: to ensure this, use Hadeco's moisture meter.
Feed monthly with Hadeco bulb food.
Daubenya, fondly known as the “Jewel of the Desert”, is now available countrywide. This fascinating bulb was first discovered nearly two centuries ago in a remote region of the western Karoo. Soon after, however, they were thought extinct and were only re-discovered in 1920. Comprising of only two varieties, Daubenya aurea with yellow flowers and Daubenya aurea var. coccinea with red flowers, it is probably the least known of the Cape bulbs and remains among the rarest plants known to botanists.
Hadeco’s botanists first collected Daubenya samples some 12 years ago in the Calvinia district. After exhaustive trials over the ensuing years and finding a suitable location for the successful cultivation and protection of Daubenya, Hadeco are extremely proud to have played a pivotal role both for securing the future of this rare bulb and for making it available to the gardening public. They are now available from garden centres around the country.
With a little care, you can successfully grow Daubenya in South Africa. They are frost hardy, surviving temperatures of minus 10 degrees Celsius in their home range. Position the bulbs in a sunny position about 20 cm apart or one bulb per pot. They will flower late July to early August. Lift the bulbs once they have gone dormant in November and store them in a cool dry place until the next planting time in April/May.