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Eucomis vandermerwei - 3 bulbs p-pack

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Eucomis vandermerwei produces dainty star-shaped flowers. This indigenous plant is very rewarding as it is easy to grow, and the flowers are long-lasting. 

Family: Asparagaceae 
Common name: pineapple lily 
Sun exposure: Full sun
Planting time: September - October 
Flowering time: January - February
Active growth: November - December / March - April 
Type: True bulb
Mature height: 10cm
Planting depth: plant with neck at soil level
Plant spacing: 20cm apart
Watering: Water every 3-4 when planted in the ground for 10 minutes

Position and soil
Eucomis require well-draining soil with some compost. They are brilliant in pots, rockeries and the perennial mixed border. 

Further Care
Mulch with compost. Guard against lily borer. 

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