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February Garden Checklist

February Garden Checklist

Love is in the air, and so are the delightful fragrances of blooming gardens! Our winter bulb pre-order kicks off this month, and as you eagerly await to turn your space into a spring wonderland, why not take advantage of our February Garden Checklist? It's not just a list; it's your ticket to the front row of your own gardening spectacle. This month, make the most of what is left of summer and start preparing your spring extravaganza with our winter bulb bonanza. 

Identify the best positions for growing your winter bulbs 

Now, let's get strategic about the winter bulbs you will be growing. Identify prime real estate in your garden – spots that are bare, or places where bulbs can cozy up under trees, next to shrubs, or even in wall-mounted planters. The creative possibilities are endless. Just ensure they will receive sufficient morning sun and afternoon shade and you’ve found the perfect location to grow blooming joy. 

Plant or lift Tulbaghia 

Now is right on time for lifting and planting Tulbaghia - the bulbous herb that's a must-have in every garden. It's not just a pretty face; it brings a splash of colour to garden beds and is just as perky under the shade of trees. Use its leaves and flowers in salads, and if that doesn't convince you, rumour has it, its crushed leaves can help ease headaches, and its smell can send mozzies packing. So, share the love with your gardening pals by dividing clumps and let the good vibes bloom!

Harvest, share and preserve herbs and vegetables

With the summer harvest in full swing, you might find yourself drowning in produce – in a good way, of course! Enjoy the fruits (and veggies) of your labour, and if your harvest is reaching legendary proportions, be a hero and share the veggie wealth with neighbours or those in need. Otherwise, if you're feeling fancy, embark on a preservation adventure. Freeze, dry, pickle, ferment – basically, throw a preservation party for your herbs and veggies.

Save seeds 


Seed saving is not just for professionals; it's for all gardeners! Carefully extract seeds from dried-out seed heads for your next gardening escapade. Want to level up your gardening street cred? Swap seeds with family and friends – it's like a plant-based currency exchange.

Fill bird baths and feeders

February is hot, and the birds are feeling the heat too. Think like a bird – ensure their designated baths are brimming with the freshest water. While you're at it, throw in some bird-friendly snacks in the feeders. Go on, create the ultimate bird buffet to attract all kinds of feathered visitors. 

Preserve your summer flowers 

Preserve your favourite summer blooms – not just as a memory, but as an artistic masterpiece! Lay those petals gently on a paper towel, tuck them between the pages of a book, and voila! You've got yourself some flower-inspired art for your home or a thoughtful gift for a friend who's really into petals. Use the opportunity to start that gardening journal – because your garden stories are worth telling, one bloom at a time!

Happy February! 

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