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Summer bulb pre-orders are shipped from August to November
Summer bulb pre-orders are shipped from August to November
Feel the Flower Power of Positive Planting

Feel the Flower Power of Positive Planting

Picture this: the anticipation builds as you await the emergence of those bulbs you lovingly tucked into the earth at planting time. Then, like a burst of fireworks, they explode in vibrant colours, dressing your garden with nature's grandeur. These flowering treasures work wonders for the soul, but their enchantment goes beyond mere aesthetics.

While planting bulbs demands patience, the rewards are immeasurable in the long run. Bulbous plants, a delightful addition to gardens across South Africa, offer a multitude of benefits. 


Water-Wise Wonders: Adapted to survive in regions with erratic rainfall patterns, many bulbous plants become drought-tolerant once established. In a country where water conservation is paramount, they can help reduce garden water usage.

 A Kaleidoscope of Colours: Bulbs reign supreme in the realm of seasonal colour and textural fascination throughout the year. Their captivating displays draw the eye in.

Low-Maintenance Marvels: These hardy plants are typically easy to grow and maintain, requiring simple care once nestled in the soil. They store energy season after season, and are the epitome of self-sufficiency. As many are perennials, they resurface year after year with minimal effort on your part.

Adaptive Allies: South Africa's diverse climates vary from province to province, and bulbous plants adapt to a wide range of conditions.

 Biodiversity Boosters: Nurture local wildlife and pollinators by planting native species. Spring-flowering bulbs, among the first to bloom, offer sustenance to our winged friends.

Versatility Unleashed: With various shapes, sizes, and colours, these plants suit various garden designs, from formal to informal. They can carpet the ground, grace rock gardens, line borders, or flourish in containers.

Scented Sensations: Many bulbs, like freesias, peonies, and hyacinths, release delightful fragrances, enhancing your garden's sensory allure.

Propagation Prowess: Expanding your garden or sharing with fellow enthusiasts is a breeze. Bulbs can be divided, and rhizomes or tuberous roots can be separated effortlessly.

 Local Charm: While exotics are lovely, our indigenous beauties, such as gladiolus, Amaryllis belladonna, and Watsonia, infuse your garden with distinctive character.

Everlasting Elegance: Perennial by nature, many bulbs save you from frequently replacing plants, offering longevity and decades of beauty when well-cared for.

Meditative Magic: Gardening is a meditative and therapeutic endeavor. Digging in the dirt and connecting with nature alleviates stress and anxiety, fostering mindfulness. Planning their integration into your garden design ignites your creative spark.

Budget-Friendly Bliss: Bulbs, on the whole, are budget-friendly investments, considering their lasting beauty. Begin with high-quality bulbs for blooming success.

There you have it – 12 compelling reasons why bulbs will bring boundless joy to your life.

Remember: choose bulbs suited to your location, taking into account climate, soil, and sunlight. Just don’t forget that proper planting and care are essential for their success—explore our other blogs for easy step-by-step guides.

So, why wait? Feel the Flower Power of Positive Planting and let your garden burst forth in a riot of colours and scents, nurturing your soul and the environment.

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