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Pokon: Help your orchids flourish

Pokon: Help your orchids flourish

Based in the Netherlands, Pokon is a market leader in plant care for the consumer. The company develops innovative solutions for plant care in the home and garden. Their extensive product range includes potting soils, fertiliser and plant food, and lawn seed. The range of Pokon plant foods is specialised for specific flowers, ensuring your blooms get the exact nutrients they need. A popular flower found in many homes all over the world is the orchid. With Pokon Orchid Plant Food, you can be sure your orchid will flourish and produce gorgeous flowers time and time again.

Beautiful blooming orchids

Exuding elegance and grace, the delicate orchid is a symbol of love, luxury, and beauty. These exotic plants produce ornate, intricate flowers that look beautiful in the home. The orchid family is a large one, with bright, colourful blooms that are easy to distinguish from other plants. Most orchids are natural epiphytes, growing clinging on to other objects, such as rough bark or stone. Yet, they can be grown successfully in pots with the correct care. While many types prefer to grow outdoors or in the greenhouse, there are a few species suitable for growing in the home. The moth orchid (Phalaenopsis), dancing lady (Oncidium types), and slipper orchid (Paphiopedilum) will all thrive indoors with the correct care. If you provide the ideal environment and nourishment your orchid will bloom beautifully. orchids

Caring for your orchid

As a favourite houseplant, orchids do require the right care to ensure they grow and flourish. In their natural habitat, orchids can be found with their roots dangling in the air as they cling to trees. Providing a desirable environment is the first step towards success with orchids. A light spot out of direct sunlight and aerated, well-draining soil are necessary for your orchid to thrive. Pokon offers an extra-airy potting soil with bark chips designed to provide the optimum environment for your orchid. It’s important to supply your orchid with enough nourishment, particularly if you want luscious blooms again and again. Pokon produces a plant food formulated specifically for the growth of orchids. Perfectly balanced for the care of your orchid, this fertiliser should be given once every week and can be used all year round. To prepare the orchid food, mix 5 ml of fertiliser per litre of water, be careful not to over-feed your plant. This applies to watering as well, too much water will cause the roots to rot. orchids Orchids are a sought-after choice when it comes to plants for the home. Keep your orchid well nourished and watch it blossom. Hadeco stocks a range of Pokon products, including the Pokon Orchid Plant Food. Buy your plant food from our online store. We also have a wonderful range of winter bulbs currently in stock. Visit our store here.
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