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50 Wholesome Ways To Celebrate Garden Day

50 Wholesome Ways To Celebrate Garden Day

Garden Day holds a special place in the hearts of gardeners. It's a chance to set aside your gardening tools and simply revel in the pleasure of being in your garden, appreciating the fruits of your labour thus far. Importantly, this celebration is inclusive, welcoming even those without a garden to partake in the festivities.

Whether you prefer a modest or extravagant celebration, there are countless ways to mark this occasion. For those seeking inspiration, we invite you to take part in one or more of our 50 Wholesome Ways to Celebrate Garden Day on Sunday, 15 October. 

  1. Decorate your sun hat with flowers foraged from your garden.
  2. Slow down with a ‘Garden Bath’.
  3. Buy flowers for yourself or someone near dear.
  4. Use foraged leaves and flowers to create a cyanotype art piece.
  5. Invite friends over for coffee in the garden.
  6. Read your most loved novel in your favourite part of the garden.
  7. Use your favourite flower in bloom as your muse and paint or draw it!
  8. Immortalise some of your favourite flowers by pressing them and placing them in a frame.
  9. Attend a floral workshop of any kind and get your creative spirit flowing. 
  10. Have a few close friends over for a sip and paint incorporating elements such as foraged petals and leaves into your work of art. 
  11. Be a florist for a day and make unique arrangements with your best buds. 
  12. Savour the garden splendour and do a photo walk by capturing different aspects of the flowers and pollinators you’re surrounded by.
  13. Emulate a garden and wear something floral for Garden Day. 
  14. Make floral ice using the balloon method or with regular ice trays and chill your Garden Day bevvies in blooming style. 
  15. Have a Secret Bouquet gifting where each friend brings a bunch of blooms and you play a game to receive a random bunch.
  16. Share the blooming joy and congregate with friends to build your own flower crowns for the day.
  17. Play lawn games with your family in the garden, such as floral bingo or 0’s and X’s using twigs and leaves instead. 
  18. Spin your favourite tunes and jam to the floral symphony all day. 
  19. Wake up in the garden on Garden Day! Get your camping gear out and feel the grass underneath your feet as soon as you rise. 
  20. Visit your local nursery and spend on some seasonal flowering plants to spruce up your space.
  21. Create a playlist that makes you feel like spring and invite friends over for a little sway and sundowners overlooking your garden.  
  22. Buy a bunch of flowers and hand out stems to random people. Random acts of kindness is a wonderful way to spread Garden Day cheer. 
  23. Wear a flower behind your ear and spread the Garden Day joy wherever you go.
  24. Create jewellery with flowers. String blossoms onto a necklace and feel like a fairy for the day.
  25. Have a picnic in the garden.  
  26. Sit in front of your favourite bloom and ruminate - writing some poetry or prose to commemorate it. 
  27. Make matching flower crowns for you and your pet (use pet-friendly flowers only).
  28. Do a nature hunt with your little ones.
  29. Hug a tree.
  30. Chill out on a hammock and hang out with your flowers.
  31. Explore a garden you’ve never been to before, but have wanted to visit. 
  32. Have an alfresco dinner party especially if you have the pleasure of night time floral fragrances.  
  33. Use terracotta pots and saucers on outdoor tables as candle holders and serving plates for a seriously garden inspired soirée.  
  34. Tell your plants you love them. There’s an unseen magic in talking to your plants.  
  35. Put your chef's hat on and create a harvest table with seasonal ingredients from your garden or your nearest market and treat your family to a wholesome outdoor dining experience. 
  36. Feel revitalised and move your body in the garden with some stretches or morning yoga. 
  37. Make a cheese board and decorate it with edible flowers and have your friends over for an appealing cheese and wine experience under a tree.
  38. Instead of looking up at the stars, spend some time looking down and count the flowers with your littlest ones.  
  39. Have lunch at a restaurant that grows their own produce.
  40. Create a spring inspired floral wreath. 
  41. Embrace your inner flower child with a do-nothing day in the garden.  
  42. Have a dress-up garden party. 
  43. Buy white t-shirts and botanically dye them in the garden with friends.
  44. What’s a garden party, without a garden game? Gather some scented pieces of nature and play a blindfolded game of Mystery Scents. You can hand out flowers or garden related items as prizes. 
  45. Have a meditation session in the garden.
  46. Paint terracotta pots in the garden with a few people from your gardening community.
  47. Pick a flower and use it as inspiration for your garden party. Incorporate it into your food, use it as decoration and let it inspire the day. 
  48. Unleash your inner Van Gogh. Buy some canvases and invite friends over to create garden inspired watercolour paintings to celebrate the day. You can even swap paintings if you wish.
  49. Make dandelion lemonade and invite friends over to cool down with a midday drink. 
  50. Have your cake and eat it! Buy or bake a cake of your choice and decorate it with your inner circle. You can collect edible flowers from the garden or buy a few pots of them to pick blossoms from. Once your edible work of art is done, snap a pick, slice it and enjoy with a cup of tea or glass of bubbly to toast to Garden Day!

Hadeco is a proud supporter of Garden Day. We extend our warmest wishes for a day filled with delightful celebrations and tranquil moments, allowing you to relish the enchanting beauty of spring in your own unique and joyful way!

Learn more about Garden Day here: 

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