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  • July Garden Checklist
    July 1, 2024

    July Garden Checklist

    July is here, and soon some of your favourite winter and spring-flowering blooms will be too. Here’s what to do in your garden this month, to enjoy an abundance of happy flowers and plants dancing all around you.  Plant out...

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  • The Life and Times of Winter Bulbs
    June 26, 2024

    The Life and Times of Winter Bulbs

    In our fast-paced lives, we expect things to happen quicker than a cheetah on caffeine. However, nature operates on a different timeline, especially when it comes to bulbs. So, sit back, relax, and let's explore the life and times of...

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  • How to grow ranunculus in South Africa
    June 13, 2024

    How to grow ranunculus in South Africa

    Ah, the ranunculus, the darling of the spring garden! You may know them as ranonkels, ranuncs, or even, Persian buttercups but let’s be real, you could call them Fred and they would still be fabulous. These floral superstars bring their...

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  • Irises: Bearded, Beardless and Beyond
    June 6, 2024

    Irises: Bearded, Beardless and Beyond

    Whether your taste leans towards the enchantment of frilly bearded irises or steers towards the sleek, contemporary allure of Dutch irises, one thing remains certain: they'll infuse your garden with unparalleled beauty in vibrant hues, and steal the show.  With...

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  • June Garden Checklist
    May 31, 2024

    June Garden Checklist

    Let June be June! Sure, the cold might be creeping in, but us gardeners? We're not easily scared off. The show must go on, darling! I mean, come on, the whole spring extravaganza is counting on us. Here’s what to...

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  • May Garden Checklist
    April 30, 2024

    May Garden Checklist

    Hooray, it's May! As we embrace the autumnal shift and prepare for cooler temperatures, our gardens beckon us with the promise of new growth and beauty. To make the most of this transitional month, let's keep our gardens flourishing with...

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  • Gone With The Windflower (Anemone)
    April 26, 2024

    Gone With The Windflower (Anemone)

    Gather around flower lovers and get ready to go on this week’s floral adventure. Behold the windflower, more affectionately known as anemone! This little beauty is Mother Nature's way of teasing us with the promise of warmer days ahead. They...

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  • Dopamine Gardening With Indigenous Ixia
    April 19, 2024

    Dopamine Gardening With Indigenous Ixia

    Alright, fellow flower enthusiasts, gather round for a whimsical tale of botanical wonder! If you're the kind who delights in curating your wardrobe, listen up: there's a trend doing its rounds known as dopamine dressing, where vibrant hues reign supreme...

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