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Winter Bulb Pre-orders Now Open
Winter Bulb Pre-orders Now Open

Aristea abyssinica Evergreen - 10 bulbs p-pack

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R 150.00
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March - May

What is a pre-order?

Pre-orders allow you to purchase your bulbs before they are available for delivery. We send out all our bulbs at their correct planting time.

Aristea boasts tall stems adorned with attractive flowers that unfurl in the morning.

Family name: Iridaceae
Name derived from: Greek arista meaning awn (stiff bristle) which may refer to the foliage.
Common name: Blue iris, blue stars
Sun Exposure: Full sun to semi-shade
Planting time: All year
Flowering time: November to March
Active growth time: Evergreen
Lifting time: Do not lift
Type (true bulb, rhizome, corm, etc): Rhizome
Mature height: 35-50cm
Planting depth: Cover roots
Planting spacing: Plant in groups
Lowest temperature: 0°C
Watering frequency: Water once a week
Position and soil: Aristea isn't fussy about soil, and makes a great border and filler.