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May Garden Checklist

May Garden Checklist

Hooray, it's May! As we embrace the autumnal shift and prepare for cooler temperatures, our gardens beckon us with the promise of new growth and beauty. To make the most of this transitional month, let's keep our gardens flourishing with the May Garden Checklist. 

Plant Winter Bulbs

Embrace the season of change by planting winter bulbs in your garden. From majestic indigenous bulbs to cheerful daffodils and heavenly hyacinths, these bulbs will lay the groundwork for a stunning display of blooms in the months ahead. Take advantage of the cooler weather to establish these beauties in your garden beds.

Plant Out Lilium

While the month of May marks the onset of cooler temperatures, it also sets the stage to plant out Lilium bulbs. With their elegant presence and often enchanting fragrance, lilies will add a touch of sophistication to your garden. If you have ordered them online, delivery will commence from late May. This is at the correct planting time. 

Mulch with Well-Rotted Compost:

Give your garden a boost by mulching with well-rotted compost. Not only does this enrich the soil with essential nutrients, but it also helps retain moisture and suppress weeds. Spread a generous layer of compost around your plants to nourish them and help regulate the soil temperature.

Plant Vegetables:

From late May you can also introduce vegetables such as seed potatoes and asparagus crowns into your veggie garden. Asparagus may take time to establish, but these investment vegetables will have a long-lived presence in your garden and will yield a bounty of fresh produce to enjoy for years to come. Get your hands dirty and sow deliciousness in your garden beds.

Incorporate Living Colour:

While you wait for your bulbs to emerge, brighten up your garden with splashes of living colour. Pansies, poppies, Viola, Petunia, and Primula are excellent choices for adding vibrancy to your autumn and winter landscape. Their cheerful blooms will bring joy and warmth to your outdoor space.

Leaf Management:

Embrace the changing seasons by raking up fallen leaves and putting them to good use. Whether you repurpose them as mulch or add them to your compost heap, fallen leaves are a valuable resource for nourishing your garden soil. Turn autumn's bounty into compost gold and watch your garden thrive.

Feeding and Maintenance:

Show your plants some TLC by feeding them with the nutrients they need to bloom again next season. Nourish your dahlias and summer-growing Gladiolus with Hadeco Bulb Food to encourage robust growth and vibrant blooms next summer. 


Now is also time to lift your ginger. Additionally, consider lifting summer-growing Haemanthus, if they're showing signs of stress. Another summer bulb you can lift is Begonia. We recommend storing the tuberous root in dry peat at a cool temperature that ranges between 5 and 7 degrees celsius. 

As you embark on your gardening journey this May, relish the beauty of the changing seasons and the abundance they bring. Whether you're planting bulbs, tending to vegetables, or simply enjoying the tranquility of your garden, may you find peace and inspiration in nature's rhythms. Happy gardening!


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