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Ipheion Value Pack - 200 bulbs p-pack

by Hadeco
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Ipheion, also known as spring star flower, with its sweet smelling flowers are perfect for garden and container planting.
How to plant, care and grow Ipheion

Family Amaryllidaceae
Common name Spring star flower
Sun Exposure Full sun and semi-shade.
Flower Colours Sky-blue
Predators Slugs and snails

Ipheion is a true bulb and the original three species are from Argentina, Uruguay, southern Brazil and Chile. They are very economical, easy and rewarding and the flowers are sweetly scented whilst the rest of the plant smells like garlic. We recommend accompanying the flower with taller plants in a layered manner to create a beautiful effect. When the plant reaches maturity it is 20cm tall.
Seasons and planting

Jan Feb March April May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
Plant NO
Flowering NO

Ipheion bulbs can be planted in any type of soil as long as it is loose and kept well-watered in spring and winter. They are also pot friendly. They are quite drought resistant. The planting depth for Ipheion is 2cm and they should be planted 5cm apart. The lowest temperature that this plant can tolerate is -10°C.
You can lift the bulbs in summer if you would like to spread the plant around your garden. They do multiply freely from their offsets and seeds so it is possible to leave the bulbs in the soil and enjoy the flowers every season.